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We Offer A Full Service
'End To End' Solution

Experts in design, prototyping, precision tool making, injection moulding and assembly. We do it all.


In-house Design

Fenton offer in-house product and component design including prototyping services. 


We have four seats of CAD solely utilised for product prototyping, product design, tool design, CAD/CAM programming and optimising existing customer CAD models where required. 

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Fenton can CNC machine production intent materials to replicate your product.

3d printing and silicone vac casting services are also offered and can be spray painted to match any colour requirements you may have.


Toolmaking & Engineering

Our tool making facility is fully equipped: we have EDM sparkers and wire erosion machinery coupled with CNC high speed milling centres, grinders, lathes and milling stations. We can manage multiple tooling suites in-house and fully optimise each tool on our moulding presses.

Metrology requirements are also kept in-house with our CMM measuring machine, shadowgraph and standard measuring equipment. ISIRs and PPAPs are standard procedure.

Our injection mould tool capabilities range from single to high cavitation, in P20 tool steel, H13 hardened and aluminium.


Our expertise is also within insert and over moulding, composite/multi material, stack tools and 2K (twin shot). Hot runner systems, multi or single drop are offered either with our preferred supplier or to your own specification. We also have extensive experience with manufacturing auto-unscrewing tools being single or multi impression.

Mould tooling for processing all grades of polymers ranging from PP to PPS  – each project is offered with on-site consultation to suit each customers specific tooling and product needs. Modular tooling concepts are offered where Fenton own the tooling bolster sets and the customer funds the core and cavities set, thus keeping investment to a minimum.

Injection Moulding & Assembly Services

We can injection mould components ranging from 0.0005g to 1.0 kg in weight including vertical press type for insert and over-moulding. We offer low volume quantities (10pcs) to high volume supply (millions) and utilise automation/robot handling systems to minimise costs and maximise utilisation at each site.

In house post mould operations include sonic welding, pressure testing, soldering and wire stripping, pad printing (multi-colour), industrial sewing, fabrication/hot forming, hot foiling and stand-alone assembly/kitting of products.

Injection moulding 20.jpg

Post mould finishing including spray painting, vacuum metalizing, chrome plating and RF shielding services are offered via working with local established partners.

Polymers processed include PP, HDPE, PVC, ABS, PC, PMMA, PA, PBT, PPS, PET, PSU and PES. Custom colouring and anti-microbial additives also offered.

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